Bridging Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd (trading as Freepower) was established in 1997 and now offers mature technological ideas and systems across the spectrum of renewable energy. Freepower is an environmentally friendly company.

The company started out focusing on environmental assets. In an effort to conserve water they incorporated water harvesting and recycling systems into their irrigation designs. This led to a further expansion of the business to include the installation of solar water heating systems, photo-voltaic power generation and hybrid power systems, which now form the main focus of the business offerings, primarily in the commercial and industrial arena.

After many years of experience, Freepower has standardized on world leading and best-of-breed products that are most cost effective over the life of the systems.

The company is headed by Kobus Carstens, a specialist in Renewable Energy, who is backed up by fully trained and experienced management, technical and installation teams.

Freepower’s main focus is to provide turnkey energy solutions, either in isolation or as part of an integrated infrastructure, mainly now to the commercial and industrial market but also historically to the residential market.